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Deluxe Building is a Toronto-based full-service design and construction company with a renowned reputation for quality, cost-effective projects that are on time and on budget. We are recognized for our excellence in commercial and residential construction.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality workmanship and innovative solutions to our clients.

Our goal is to make your dreams a reality while maintaining a budget, professional manner, and yet maintaining quality throughout. We will strive to focus on your precise wishes and needs and to keep you as our client 100% satisfied.

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We guarantee the highest level of quality.

Whether you are interested in a custom / re-modeling project for your business or home, or you need a reliable team of contractors for rehab and flip projects, we deliver consistent and superior results.

DeluxeBuilding is a BILD member.

With approximately 1,500 members of companies, BILD is the voice of the land development, home building, and renovation industry.


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Frequently asked questions

How do you handle site cleanliness and safety?

Handling site cleanliness and safety is an important responsibility for any construction or renovation project. Some general steps: Establish a cleanliness and safety plan that includes clean and safe site, as well as procedures for handling waste and hazardous materials; Assigning responsibilities to all workers and subcontractors; use proper protective equipment; implement proper waste management; conduct regular safety inspections; and train workers on safety procedures if required.

What is your process for ensuring quality workmanship?

To ensure quality of workmanship is essential for delivering a successful construction or renovation project. Our companies practices are: defining project standards by going over materials and techniques that will be used; professionalism of hired professionals based on their trades; perform regular inspections and if required testing of workmanship to meet the project standards; usage of proper tools and equipment; encourage open communication and maintaining proper documents.

What is your approach to project scheduling and timelines?

Before start of a project, site is inspected by a project manager or coordinator. Together as a group we develop a detailed project plan with all tasks and timelines. Then, regularly site is inspected and monitored to reflect progress of a project. Lastly, communication with all workers and subcontractors is maintained by a project coordinator.

Can you handle all necessary permits and inspections?

It depends on the contract. Deluxe Building Inc is equipped to obtain necessary permits for a project, otherwise the architect/designer involved on the project would the the one responsible for permits. If Deluxe Building Inc is to obtain, before beginning of a construction or renovation project, we would apply for necessary permits (for example: building, electrical, plumbing, or any other necessary).

How do you handle communication and project updates?

Our communication is based on daily phone calls and on site meetings including project team, workers, subcontractors and project managers, that include as well video calls, pictures and emails.

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